About the anniversary

In 2018 forty years will pass since the Laboratory of Psychoeducation inaugurated its activity. In order to summarize this period and celebrate the anniversary we are organizing the International Summer Psychotherapy Masterclass and an international scientific conference. We hope that a meeting with friends, collaborators and other people, who contributed to the growth of the Laboratory of Psychoeducation on certain in various stages of its existence, will be an opportunity for a fruitful discussion concerning psychotherapy – its achievements, current condition and future perspectives.

The International Summer Psychotherapy Masterclass will take place on 25-30.08.2018 in Łochów, near Warsaw. It is a didactic proposition addressed to advanced and beginning psychotherapists. Its programme will include lectures, seminars, exercises and supervisions in the field of individual, group, couple, families and children psychotherapy, addictions, somatic therapy, Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT), Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and more. Every participant will be able to compose a personalized schedule choosing from the didactic activities available during all five days of the masterclass.

An international scientific conference “A Tormented World – How Can Psychotherapy Help Us. Hopes and Illusions” will take place on 30.08-1.09.2018, also in Łochów.

Numerous notable psychotherapists from around the world have already confirmed their participation in both of the anniversary events – Nancy McWilliams, Patricia Coughlin, Stanley Messer, Jonathan Shedler, Robert Neborsky, Mario Mikulincer and many more.

All conference and masterclass sessions will be translated into English and Polish.

To apply for the anniversary scientific conference and the summer psychotherapy masterclass please use the registration forms available on this website.


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