International Summer Psychotherapy Masterclass 24-29.08.2018

The International Summer Psychotherapy Masterclass will take place in Łochów Palace, ca. sixty kilometres away from Warsaw. In this conference centre, located in the picturesque area among forest surroundings, one will be able to participate in supervisions, discussions and workshops conducted by Bogdan de Barbaro, Leanne Campbell, Patricia Coughlin, Nancy McWilliams, Justyna Dąbrowska, Jerzy Dmuchowski, Krystyna Drat-Ruszczak, Michael Garrett, Barbara Józefik, Anna Król-Kuczkowska, Stanley Messer, Zofia Milska-Wrzosińska, Irena Namysłowska, Robert Neborsky, Maciej Pilecki, Michael Randolph, Jonathan Shedler, Cezary Żechowski and many other experienced theorists and practitioners of psychotherapy. All courses will be conducted in English and Polish unless the participants unanimously deem the translation unnecessary. Apart from didactic curriculum, a broad range of recreational activities will be available – yoga, pilates, breathing exercises, meditation. Participants of the masterclass will also have an opportunity to attend concerts, exhibitions and author evenings, as well as contemplate the natural beauty of Łochów, its forest surroundings cut through by the current of a crystal clear river Liwiec, perfect for the amateurs of canoeing.

The programme of International Summer Psychotherapy Masterclass will include supervisory sessions, lectures, workshops and panel discussions. Below we present a partly confirmed schedule. Due to the lack of precise information concerning the dates of our foreign lecturers’ stay we reserve the right to make minor changes in the schedule. All sessions will be translated into English and Polish.






  • Bogdan de Barbaro, Irena Namysłowska, Postmodernism in Psychotherapy
  • Bogdan de Barbaro, Leanne Campbell, Rafał Bornus, Zofia Milska-Wrzosińska, Couples Therapy
  • Stanley Messer, Robert Neborsky, Brief Therapy
  • Tomasz Pawłowski, Joanna Popławska, Cezary Żechowski, Pharmacology and Psychotherapy

Supervisory sessions

Presentations combined with supervisory session

The attendees of International Summer Psychotherapy Masterclass will also have an opportunity to participate in trance running, somatic therapy workshops, yoga, pilates and other recreational activities.

In order to apply for the International Summer Psychotherapy Masterclass, please fill the registration form on this website. The prices do not include the costs of accommodation and diet in Łochów Palace. The participants who are interested in the accommodation offer of Łochów Palace are advised to contact the hotel directly: A password “40 years of Laboratory of Psychoeducation” will guarantee a special discount.

Registration fee: 291 €

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