Bogdan de Barbaro

Laboratorium Psychoedukacji - Bogdan de Barbaro

Professor Bogdan de Barbaro is a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, president of the Psychiatry Department of Jagiellonian University, Collegium Medicum. He is a psychotherapy supervisor certified by Polish Psychiatric Association, a member of editorial advisory board of a magazine „Psychiatry. Interpersonal and Biological Processes”, former president of Scientific Section of Psychotherapy and Polish Psychiatric Association’s Scientific Section of Family Psychotherapy, author and co-author of publications concerning psychotherapy, therapy of schizofrenia and families therapy – Schizofrenia in a Family (1999), Postmodern Inspirations in Psychotherapy (2011), And How to Come to Terms Here (2017). His scientific interests include families therapy, postpsychiatry and cultural contexts of psychiatry.

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