Jerzy Dmuchowski

Laboratorium Psychoedukacji - Jerzy Dmuchowski

Psychotherapy and group training supervisor certified by Polish Psychological Association. He conducts group and individual psychotherapy. In his therapeutic work Jerzy Dmuchowski integrates psychodynamic, existential and interpersonal approach. In his therapeutic work with groups he combines the interpersonal perspective with the perspective of a group perceived as a whole. He trains and supervises group psychotherapists, trainers and coaches. He conducts self-development trainings, coaching and consulting for managers, working teams, companies’ and organizations’ management boards. Jerzy Dmuchowski is a founder of Group Psychotherapy Studies in Laboratory of Psychoeducation and also Postgraduate Coaching and Mentoring Studies and Postgraduate Group Trainers Studies in Laboratory of Psychoeducation and Social-Humanistic University SWPS in Warsaw. He is an executive director and lecturer on these studies. Jerzy Dmuchowski holds the European Certificate of Psychotherapy and the European Certificate for Integrative Psychotherapy. He was a member of Polish Psychological Association’s Psychotherapeutic Certificates Committee. He is an international expert of  Training Accreditation Committee in European Association for Psychotherapy.

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