Krystyna Drat-Ruszczak

Laboratorium Psychoedukacji - Krystyna Drat-Ruszczak

Krystyna Drat-Ruszczak is a professor at Social Psychology High School and for many years has been a director of Department of Applied Psychology and the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Health in the department of this university in Sopot, Poland. Her scientific interests include the influence of social changes on contemporary personality disorders, psychopathology of the self, psychological diagnosis and psychotherapy, the meaning of metaphors and fables. Her scientific papers concern psychoanalytic notions, mechanisms of schizophrenia, narcissism and psychosocial determinants of silencing women. Her main publication is Cognition and Emotions in Schizophrenia: Differentiating Influence of the Social Context. For many years she conducted psychotherapy for psychotic patients in psychiatric departments of Frombork Hospital and psychiatric hospital Srebrzysko in Gdańsk.

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